One day I'll go to Compostela



Direction :    CAROLE ANDERSON

The story

While answering a questionnaire about Compostela, a French woman recalls her previous journey there. She

followed Jack, an elderly Yorkshireman whom she'd met by chance while on holiday. He was doing the pilgrimage.

The first thing he confided her was his button problem: the one holding up his shorts. Although old enough to be her father… he wasn't. And when he told her "I love you," her feet hurt. Later, upon discovering he had been a judge, she almost ran away. Her daughter was about to get married. Would she get to the wedding in time? Should she bring Jack along, too? And what have a psychoanalyst and a fairy tale cloak got to do with this story? In any case, one thing is sure, this journey on foot turned out expensive because of the planes.

Création : Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2008

Touring : London, Utrecht (NL), Lawrence University (US), Coldingham (US), Montréal, Wetherby (GB)

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